This Short Film Made My Day

A lot of times , we wonder -what is happiness? How is it like to be truly happy?

For a lot of people happiness is conditional.

I will be happy when –

“I’ll earn enough money to travel the world”

“I’ll be happy when I will have 100+ customers buying my product”

“I’ll be happy when I will meet the love of my life”

“I’ll get that job”

“I’ll find the work I love”

“I’ll get that house”

A lot of people tell me that life is a struggle. It’s tough. It’s hard. The real world is bad . It’s rough.

But hardly anyone says that life is magical , it’s an adventure, it’s the best thing that can happen to you and it’s the biggest gift god can give you! What if you say this to yourself every morning?

Sure, things do not always go as planned. Sure, you are faced with highly unfair circumstances. Sure, life’s not so easy and you aren’t happy with the way it is.  It’s absolutely fine to complain , to whine and cry. If that’s what makes you feel better, do it.

But also realize that you have a privilege, a privilege to be happy.  When a young boy on the roadside, struggling his way to survive and working hard so that he could provide his mother two meals a day after his father died, can find time to be happy- why can’t you?

Happiness is a perspective.

And this is what I learned when I stumbled upon this amazing short-film ,that made my day .

So I decided that I am going to do this every morning:

In the morning imagine yourself stepping into a bubble of happiness or, just breathe and tell yourself that it is going to be a great day and that you are strong and you can do this!

At the end of the day, breathe again and tell yourself how awesome you were and how much you enjoyed your day.

Take a hot bath ,read a good book, listen to good music. Take a walk. Watch the stars. Watch your favorite movie. Play with the kids.Cook for your family. Do something EVERY day that you love, no matter how small. But give this privilege to yourself. Everyone has it ,but only few use it.

I am 21 . A dreamer. You can find me sitting in coffee shops in Delhi, sipping a cup of tea. A sucker for good stories and interesting people. I believe every person you meet has a little role to play in your life. Looking forward to hear stories of hustlers , ‘think different kinds’, who love to break conventions and most importantly can add some good value 🙂

If you have something to say you can catch me at .

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