How Indian Start-ups Can Use Blogging To Build A Brand

Out of every 10 stories on my Facebook newsfeed, 8 of them are blogs of different brands and companies. Few years ago it would have been filled with stories of my friends and family.

This is a clear indication of how crowded the market has become. And even though blogging has become the most cliché form of marketing and everybody out there is creating tons of content everyday, it still holds a lot of importance and can still add a lot of value to start-ups. The trick is to write content that not only gets you readers but also builds your brand.

  • Publish post interviewing influencers of your niche. Share an opinion.

It’s the social media age and  new bloggers and vloggers popping up each day carving their own paths to success and reconginition without being dependent on anyone. With a great quality content revolving around their niche they bring along a lot of authentic followers who love their work and have genuine appreacitaion.

Infuencer marketing is different from word-of-mouth marketing and customer reviews. It’s more about telling stories and deriving action. And believe me, it is much more effective than any listicles or meme-articles that you’ve been writing for your blog.

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are filled with influencers and they are the people who are living, breathing and talking your brand’s message, they just don’t know it yet. All you gotta do is connect and inspire them the right way. You might have to pay them or give them free goodies but that’s going to be totally worth it. And if you make them happy, they are surely going to get you customers who are the exact fit for your product.

  • ‘Tell Them What They Don’t Know’ Blogs Open Curiosity Gaps.:

The trick here is to give your potential customers information they don’t know but really want to know. These blogs should be a shower of great value, without expecting anything in return ( just kidding, they will give you what you want, you will just need to have a little patience. So keep showering love). They will inventually be obliged to return you the favour by being your customer. However you will have to dive deep and research on understanding their needs, desires and dreams.

Speak their language and you’ll surely have a space in their hearts.

  • Create Vlogs. Engage People through Short, Nifty Videos.

We all know by now that videos are the new trend, hence I won’t go further to explain you why. Take out your phone and start shooting! I know it isn’t that simple but you must start somewhere. The easiest is to shoot Vox-Pop videos, just go out, onto the streets and request people to answer few questions. You can even do the same with your team. All it takes is a nice video editing software to compile everything up and these days you can do it all on the phone!

So hurry, you must not leave this as a white space.

  • Support a cause and spread the word. You don’t always have to sell.

We all have a voice, an opinion and a set of values and the best way connect with your audience is by supporting the causes they support and emphasising on the set of values they have. Brand Activism, as it is called. As Philip Kotler said- “But positioning is no longer enough in our highly competitive markets. Just consider marketing to millennials, one of today’s largest demographic groups. Millennials have high expectations for brands. Many would like brands to show concern not just for profits but for the communities they serve, and the world we live in. ”

If you aren’t one already, get ready to discover the activist within you. You can write opinion posts, make small Vox-Pop videos or carry a picture campaign to bring in purpose driven engagement.

Raise your voice and start expressing.

  • Ask yourself how to make it more interesting and not how to play it safe and please everyone 

As Seth Godin said, “Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” And to really do that, you must take risk with your content. Think about ways you can really put yourself out there as a brand and take risks. Tell a story. Be funny. Ask Questions.

Brands are human beings at the end, a team of people sitting behind the desks trying their best to connect with their target audience and your blogs must represent that correctly. Assign every member of the team to write one blog post a month, using their own voice. And the best way to judge your content is to ask yourself-“Will I open the link and read it?” If the answer is no, you have work to do.

I am 21 . A dreamer. You can find me sitting in coffee shops in Delhi, sipping a cup of tea. A sucker for good stories and interesting people. I believe every person you meet has a little role to play in your life. Looking forward to hear stories of hustlers , ‘think different kinds’, who love to break conventions and most importantly can add some good value 🙂

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