What’s really behind this lifestyle of constant eating, drinking and photographing

Eat|Click|Write- The Food Talk with Vernika Awal 

I remember quietly munching the leftover sweets when served to guests and then save one for my best friend by keeping it in my skirt’s side pocket and then sharing with her in the evening.

This one is the sweetest of Food memories I have of my childhood and I’m sure you too have many of them. Food has always been a constant love in my life, in fact the motive of opting Media Studies was to get into this Food World where you get paid to Eat, Write, Travel and Repeat.

I’m sure the Foodie in you is craving much to know more about this cool and yummy profession but don’t worry Vernika Awal, is here to give us crisp and fresh idea about Food blogging and the world behind it. So fasten up your seat belts for ‘Delectable Reveries’ as the name suggests, Vernika has many sweet memories to share.

Vernika Awal is the Founder/Editor/Writer at Delectable Reveries. She is also an Insider at Little Black Book, Mumbai. She is a graduate in English Literature from Delhi University and did her Post Graduation in Journalism from Xavier’s, Mumbai.

Instagram: The trigger that lead to the start of a great food journey

I was always passionate about food, though I write only about vegetarian food and it is amazing how majority of audience responds well to it. I started off with Instagram as just an experiment last year and began a blog on 6th of October 2016.

I used to get pictures of food on my phone and a very close friend of mine said that instead of putting all these in my phone and taking up all its memory I should start putting it on Instagram.

And I love to cook, for me it is  always not less than a therapy session. So I thought I can cook, I can even present it decently so I started clicking pictures and sharing them with my friends. I established myself on Instagram first as a Food Blogger.

So whatever I eat I upload picture on Instagram with a caption and usually Facebook too and on my blog you will find very few things which make to the blog. I try to be detailed about the Food story, minimum 500 words at least.

I do home café pop ups so we cook home food and people who would want to come are more than welcome to come and there is a particular price set for it.

Eating Out Everyday or Khichdi and Dal sometimes?

Sometimes it gets tiring, at the end of the day you just want to come back home and have a Dal chawal or khichdi, so no I don’t really eat out everyday.
As a Food blogger I don’t review for free food, that’s not the point, I want to talk about food and the stories hidden behind.

I do Food Stories and less of recipes and reviews

So there is Food blogging and Micro blogging like Instagram. It is easier to upload a picture of your food and get 1K likes but it is not so easy to talk about your food, very few people write about it and even fewer read that type of content but if one chooses quality over quantity you are bound to find your loyal audience and your niche.  I might not attend 100 events in a month, I might go for 10 but I would ensure the quality to those 10 and it follows.

I do Food Stories, I do less of recipes and reviews. I focus on particular memories that food ignites, the laughs shared and connections formed.

You can’t just write about recipes, I’m sorry if I want to read recipes I have Sanjeev Kapoor’s website, why would I come to you. You can’t just base yourself completely on recipes and reviews.

Here’s an overview of the stories on my blog (Open to contributors):

So there is this story on my blog with the recipe of Dal ke Parathe of Utrakhand. During winters it is the very basic staple food that people have in the mountain region because it keeps them warm. The contributor has talked about how the same recipe has evolved over time in a household in Uttarakhand and how the contributor was taught when she was a kid and how she is now teaching her own kids. So with this story, the recipe is attached. Isn’t it much better like that?

Another example:

There is this lady wrote about the importance of the dish Avial in a Keralite family and how much it is loved in a Keralite family. You might get the recipe of Avial anywhere but to hear from a person from Kerala the story behind Avial, makes the blog more interesting.

Consistency: The number one reason why a food blogger succeeds

Don’t aim for higher followers, focus on the quality of your work the quantity follows. You must set targets or else you will wander away very soon.

Instagram is the best tool for the audience but more and more people would only be tempted to double tap if the story that follows it, stands out.

Know your audience but first choose your audience

Know your audience, when is the time your audience is the most active, what is your audience percentage- male, female. If my audience percentage is more female then I’m going to use brighter colors and if its male then I will try to keep subtle colors. 

Maybe you want to target college students or housewives or fitness enthusiasts, identify who you’d be most interested to tailor content for. Choose the audience who speaks like you or have similar interests as you have so you can speak their mind in each post. Just work hard, the awards and rewards just follow, they really do.

The real deal to be successful food blogger

My Food Blog is my passion but at the same time let’s be very frank it doesn’t pay million bucks. I do freelance project for many clients and I also teach English literature and grammar to students. We are living in a world where we need to pay our bills and this is not going to pay you for the longest time because you need to be very patient with it.

You have to wait for it to grow eventually do something else too which you’re passionate about. This is what I would say, be practical. You can’t earn for the longest time in Food Blogging until and unless you are writing for a publication.

The right time to publish a food book?

Personally I feel like there is a lot more and I still need to experience. I’m drafting it right now and probably 5 years down the line I would publish. More than a Food Blogger in me, there is a blogger in me because I love to write. Hence the name of my blog is not just something to do with food, it’s called delectable reveries which basically translates to sweet memories.

The connections made over Food

There is a very sweet story on my blog about a married couple who stays in USA about how food got them closer to each other. From Cooking in the kitchen together to discussing to ordering self-made boxes, they fell in love with each other. Food can bring people together and create long-lasting bonds. If you have a food story to share comment below or submit one to my blog,  I’d be happy to share!

Hope you got a good sneak peak into the world of a food blogger and you must log on to https://delectablereveries.com/ to see a successful food blog in action. 🙂

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