About Me

Ashmeeta Mehendiratta

I am 22. A dreamer. 

I share insights I gain from the hustlers I interview   and my own learnings through the journey. 

You can find me sitting in coffee shops in Delhi, sipping a cup of tea. A sucker for good stories and interesting people. I believe every person you meet has a little role to play in your life.

Looking forward to hear stories of hustlers , ‘think different kinds’, who love to break conventions and most importantly people who can add some real value.

Quick Background

While in college I used to read a lot on entrepreneurship, startups and funding and it always made me really anxious. Everyday I'd read stories of startups raising funds, going from hundred to hundred thousand customers and I was just sitting in my hostel room pitying myself for not knowing where to start. I hardly got to read content that taught me how I could reach where they had.

Skipping to second year, I joined a funded start-up as an intern (started by my college seniors) where I picked up new skills and started learning about social media, content marketing, UI/Ux designing , photoshop , branding, marketing and sales. My prime source to learn being the content that was available online (and sometimes, people around me).  

I learnt that there was a dearth a content that actually taught me something and added real value with actionable insights, especially from entrepreneurs in India- that's when Hustle India was born! :)